Chakra Perfection for Sleep




Our bodies have seven major energy centers called Chakras.

The Chakras are vortices, which receive Life Force energy from Spirit, other living things, the earth, and the atmosphere. They then transfer that energy throughout our energy field (Aura) and body.

The Chakras also dispel spent and toxic energy out from our body and Aura and back into the atmosphere, where it is recycled into high vibration Life Force energy – to be accessed again by all living things.

I refer to the Chakras as the “Lungs of the energy system.” Each Chakra nourishes the physical, mental, emotional/energetic and spiritual health of its corresponding area. Whenever there is any kind of imbalance or trauma in the physical, mental, emotional/energetic or spiritual body, there is always a blockage in the corresponding Chakra. Blockages left unchecked eventually develop into a physical symptom.

Chakra Perfection Hypnosis is designed to aid your Chakras in releasing blocks, increasing balance and come to perfect functioning. This CD is Energy Healing you can do for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Energy work for you to do in the comfort of your own home. This CD is a profoundly therapeutic recording that you can listen to anytime you want to feel relaxed, balanced, restored, healthy, and wonderful in every way!

Make sure you will have 35 minutes to listen – uninterrupted, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Never listen to this recording while driving, operating machinery, or if you are not able to sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Chakra Perfection Hypnosis For Sleep can help you to easily fall asleep. Begin listening once you are in bed, comfortable and ready for sleep. If you wake up during the night, listen again to fall back into peaceful sleep. You will awaken feeling rested, refreshed, vibrant and wonderful in every way!


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