Everything in the Universe is energy. This is a scientific fact. Energy moving very slowly becomes solid, tangible, visible matter. Energy moving very quickly is vapor and is increasingly invisible.

Human beings are a combination of matter (body) and energy (thoughts, feelings, energy system, soul).

Our bodies have seven major Energy recycling centers called Chakras. The Chakras are to the energy system what the lungs are to the physical body. They are vortices, which draw in fresh healing Energy (“Universal Life Force”) from the Atmosphere and Earth and transfer it into our bodies and spirit. The Chakras also dispel toxic or spent energy out of our bodies and spirit and back into the atmosphere and earth to be recycled. Each Chakra nourishes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body area where it is located. Whenever there is any kind of imbalance in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body – any pain, discomfort, disease or upset – there is always a blockage in the Chakra corresponding to that body area.

The frequency of the Energy as it moves through the Chakra resonates within the color spectrum and is seen as a specific color. These colors are commonly referred to as the “Aura”.

The object of Energy Work is to open blocked areas of the energy system so that energy can flow freely and the individual can realize greater health and wellbeing. Benefits of Energy Work include:

  • Deep relaxation, feelings of peace, well-being, calm and comfort
  • Decrease or elimination of pain
  • Release of chronic injuries
  • Discharge the body’s attraction to chronic injuries (the ankle that keeps being sprained, the knee that continues to be re-injured, etc.)
  • Release of grief and other emotional upsets
  • Balance the body, mind, energy and spirit
  • Help the individual to become self-realized

Natural Body Works therapists are Energy Work experts. We offer a variety of different Energy Work applications and combinations as described below