Home and Space Energy Clearing and Charging

Are you moving into a new home or business space?

Spaces hold the energy of the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and experiences of their occupants. When we move to a new space, it is very important to first systematically clear the previous occupants’ energy. Next, we want to charge the space with our own energy and intentions. This will allow the space to resonate with our energy and generate wellbeing, health, success, happiness, inner Peace, abundance, prosperity, creativity, Love ~ all the Highest Vibration energies, which are in line with our specific needs, wants and desires.

Diane Jordan, Spiritual Channel and Coach will guide you through her Home & Space Energy Clearing and Charging Ritual in an educational, fun and empowering manner. Her technique is actually an energy-work practice which she teaches you as she guides you through doing it, step-by-step. The new space is your space and you are the best one to clear and charge it! Diane will teach you how and do it with you. This unique technique is incredibly empowering and creates a bond between you and your space which will serve your Highest Benefit.

All tools and instruction are provided. Available in person, or on zoom.

Call for estimate. 781-585-5130

Congratulations on your new space!