Pre-event Sports Massage is designed to enhance your athletic performance. This treatment increases blood and nutrient flow to muscle tissue, frees restrictions in muscles and joints, helps to ensure your stamina by increasing oxygenation of muscle tissue, and presents an opportunity to identity areas of the body which may be prone to future injury. Pre-event massage should be provided 48 to no less than 24 hours pre event. However, regular maintenance massage should always be part of your training regimens.

Post-event Sports massage can help your body recover faster after competition. This treatment flushes Lactic Acid (and the soreness that accompanies it) out of muscle tissue and creates an opening for fresh blood and nutrients to flow in. It releases tension and mini-holding patterns which have developed in the body during your competition, relaxes tight, over-worked muscles, helps your body find its way back to its pre-event balance state and is an opportunity to spot possible event injures you may be unaware of.

To ready the body for competition or help it recover from one, we believe regular massage and body-work should be a part of every athlete’s training program.

Young athletes are encouraged to begin massage and body-work while they are young. They will have a better understanding and awareness of how their body functions athletically and can avoid the chronic patterns of injury that many adult athletes and ex-athletes experience. Natural Body Works is the only area healing center which regularly welcomes young athletes.