Sanskrit Mantra is Spiritual Sound Meditation.

Diane Jordan is a Certified Sanskrit Manta Teacher,

in the lineage of Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashely-Farrand)

Every human want and need can be addressed through these Mantras.


Health. Love. Relationship. Money. Success. Release. Protection. Clearing. Guidance. Inner Peace. Abundance. Attraction. Protection. Pain control. Addiction healing.

Manifestation of all our Heart’s Desires.

These and more are available to us through the gift of

Sanskrit Mantra


Your in-person or Zoom Sanskrit Mantra Healing & Chanting Lesson will consist of discussing your challenges and goals with Diane. Whereupon she will connect with your Spiritual Support and channel their guidance. Diane will prescribe the correct Mantra(s) for your needs and teach them to you. You will then receive a PDF with a re-cap of your Spirit Guidance, the Mantra prescription, all Mantra info. You will also receive a digital recording of Diane chanting the Mantra(s) 108 times (each), with which you can listen, learn and chant along when you are ready.

An average session, including the Spirit Guidance is 90- 120 min.


Story of Sanskrit Mantra origins ~ In ancient times, over 5,000 years ago, there lived great Sages, highly evolved beings called Rishis, who would meditate deeply upon the energy of the Universe. In their meditations, the Rishis could hear God/Universe/Source speaking to them through sound vibrations. In time the Rishis understood how each sound held its own unique energy, all connected to specifics aspects of consciousness. Furthermore, they learned that when they themselves vocalized the sounds, they could perceive distinct reactions within their energy system, which would then affect their physical body and their experience of life on earth.

From these ethereal sounds, the Rishis created the 50-letter Sanskrit Alphabet. Each letter holds its own beneficial energetic vibration, which corresponds to God/Source/Universal Consciousness, in the personified form of the Hindu Deities, the planets. and our human energy system (Chakras and Aura). Thus, Sanskrit is a vibrational connection between human beings and all aspects of God/Source/Universal Consciousness.

The Rishis joined the letters together to form words, and then Mantras. A Mantra is a phrase made up of dynamic words, which creates a compound of the energy.

The Rishis learned and then taught that when the Mantras are vocalized in Japa (repetition) the energy of the Mantra is absorbed through the energy system and physical body of the sayer. When we chant or listen to Sanskrit Mantra, our chakras are infused with their transformative energy. And once so infused we begin to emanate that energy out from our entire being, which then transforms our physical reality and life experience.

When we chant, we use a counting tool, like a mala. And we chant either 3, 9, 27, 54 or 108 times. These are the numbers that most efficiently correspond to our energy system and allow the power of the Mantra to be better absorbed.

The knowledge of these Mantras was handed down, vocally from Rishis to Gurus and students for thousands of years, until eventually it was written down in Vedic Sanskrit, the written form of Sanskrit and the language of the Mantras.

Contact Diane for a session in person or on Zoom to learn more.

Om & Peace ~

Diane Jordan

Sanskrit Mantra Teacher