Diane Jordan, Certified Angel Messenger and Spiritual Channel brings you messages of Love, support and guidance from your Spiritual Support. Ask a specific question or receive general guidance.

Your Spiritual Support (Guides, Angels, Loved-ones-in-Spirit, animal guides, your Higher Self, God/Source) are ready, willing and always waiting to help you with anything and everything in your life. As a Spiritual Channel, Diane Jordan is expert at receiving and interpreting messages and guidance from your Spiritual Support, for whatever life area you would like to ask about.

Spiritual Channeling is not mediumship (which seeks to affirm the continuation of life after physical death). Nor is Spiritual Channeling a psychic reading (which is a reading of your energy field and how your energy has shown up in your past and potentially projects into your future). On the contrary, Spiritual Channeling means that Diane is receiving the actual energy of your Spiritual Support in the form of messages and guidance specifically in relation to you and your life area of inquiry. Generally, clients have a life area they want to ask about. Relationships, career, health, family issues, relocation, are a few of the more common life areas people seek guidance on.

Spiritual Guidance Readings with Diane offer an abundance of practical, usable guidance and clarification, which your Spiritual Support knows will help you.

These readings are 30 – 75 minutes, packed with information, encouragement, tools, tips, techniques. All unique to you and your life situation. Your Spiritual Support sends information through Diane which they know you can use and which they know will work for your highest benefit.  Your reading will be recorded and sent to you in a digital file for your continued access.

Recent Testimonials


Scott P. 9/28/2020

“I had a reading on zoom with Diane and was very impressed with the amount of information that was given and the accuracy of it. I also booked a past-life regression hypnosis on zoom and this was combined with an additional reading. Both of these services were healing, helpful and I definitely recommend Diane Jordan”


Jackie T. 7/10/2020

“Thank you, Diane for a wonderful phone reading! This has helped me so much in my thoughts and feelings about my family situation. Using the suggestions from my Angels in the reading, I have been able to let a lot of things go that were bothering me. I feel much more peaceful since we met”


Anna H. 3/08/2020

“Diane is amazing! My reading was not like any other psychic I have ever been to. She offered so much information and it was very helpful and uplifting. I felt a lot of relief from my worry and burdens. I have listened to my recording many times and seem to hear a new thing each time I listen. I Highly recommend”


Carolyn L. 2/16/2020

“My reading with Diane was very good. She gave me really useful information and I have used these suggestions with good results. I felt very positive and hopeful from the reading”


Diane says ~

“In my readings I use oracle cards in conjunction with my ability as a Spiritual Channel. I access your personal Spiritual Support and their very specific guidance for you. No two readings are alike.
Your Spiritual Support are ready and willing to offer their help in the form of loving guidance and direction. Their messages are always loving and helpful information, which they know will work for your unique situation. I record the session and send it to you in an MP3, so that you can continue to access the guidance.
I AM Looking forward to seeing you and facilitating your reading!”
~ Diane ~