Through the guidance of Spirit, Diane has developed a particular Hypnosis technique – Chakra Perfection Hypnosis for Sleep

This recording is a deeply healing Hypnosis for everyone which will also help you fall into a relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

Chakras are energy centers which are present in all people and animals. We all have 7 major Chakras which are aligned vertically from our tail bone to the crown of our head. Each Chakra vibrates at its own particular energetic frequency to draw Life Force energy into the body area where it is located and on through the entire system. Chakras are to the energy system what lungs are to the physical body. We could not live without them.

Whenever one or more of the Chakras is blocked or not vibrating correctly (a common occurrence) there is the corresponding development of a dysfunction, illness, injury and/or disease. Indeed all illness or dysfunction in an individuals’ life can be traced back to a disruption in the workings of one or more of the Chakras.

Chakra Perfection Hypnosis for Sleep is a wonderful way to open, clear, balance, heal and help all of your Chakras function perfectly and wake feeling wonderful in every way.

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