Stress. Everyone experiences it. Stress can often lead us into worrisome thoughts, pessimistic beliefs, anxious feelings and challenging behaviors. But even when we face serious stress in our lives, we don’t have to experience these unwanted thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. Because thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors are not tangible things. They are energy. And as energy, they can be easily released. Once unwanted energies are released, we can replace them with wanted energy in the form of uplifting thoughts, hopeful beliefs, peaceful feelings and this will result in beneficial behaviors.

Release Stress – Receive Peace Hypnosis is a profoundly healing and relaxing process wherein you will release the stressful thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors which may be holding you back from your perfect peace and contentment. In this hypnosis meditation, Diane’s voice will soothe you through the progressive relaxation of your entire body. As you rest, comfortably at ease, you will systematically release stressful thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Finally you will bring in tranquility, wellbeing, contentment, hope, peace of mind and more wonderful energies, which you deserve.

Make sure you will have 35 minutes to listen uninterrupted, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Never listen to this recording while driving, operating machinery, or if you are not able to sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Release Stress – Receive Peace Hypnosis will also help you to easily fall asleep. Begin listening once you are in bed, comfortable and ready for sleep. If you wake up during the night, listen again to fall back into peaceful sleep. You will awaken feeling refreshed, peaceful and wonderful in every way!

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