Natural Body Works specializes in working with individuals living with cancer. We offer Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing, Polarity Hynosis and Massage to support cancer treatment, all on a sliding fee scale.
Natural Body Works is unique with respect to these sliding scale fees. We realize that many individuals with cancer are unable to work and therefore are typically unable to afford therapies such as those offered by Natural Body Works. These therapies are usually not covered by insurance. This is why we offer our work for whatever the client can afford to pay.
We suggest that the client read over our web site and choose the therapy that they feel most inclined towards. They can also consult with Diane or any of our other therapists to help them choose. The client will decide how much he or she is able to pay, and they receive treatment for that amount. There is no limit to the amount of treatment they can receive. We simply ask the client to keep in mind that expenses are incurred by the therapist for time and travel, which they should be compensated for. Also clients should keep their appointments or if need be, cancel in a timely manner.

While we have a lot of experience in working with individuals in cancer treatment, we unfortunately do not usually see patients seeking natural health care until they have progressed significantly in their disease. Many people do not realize how much our treatment modalities can assist in supporting their health and make their experience in dealing with cancer so much easier! We strongly suggest that any individual with a cancer diagnosis should start complementary care along with their traditional medical care. Feel free to ask your doctor’s opinion and/or research on the web.

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