Diane JordanReflexology, Spiritual-Energetic Healing, Muscular Therapy, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy (Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist), Spiritual Hypnosis, Spiritual Guidance Readings

For over 20 years, Diane has been helping clients reduce and release their physical and emotional pain while increasing their comfort, ease and inner peace. She is devoted to guiding clients toward their empowered and innate ability for self-healing. Diane loves seeing her clients reach the improved life experience which they want and deserve. Diane works with individuals who are dealing with all variety of physical and emotional challenges. Every treatment is designed for that particular client based on their goals, history of symptoms and what is currently presenting in life.

Anxiety. Pain and Symptom Control. Grief. Blocks. Cancer Treatment Support.

Diane describes what a session is like –

“We begin with conversation around whatever the client is dealing with right now in their life. For all human beings, our physical, emotional and life situation challenges are the last place “things” show up. A big part of my work is in talking with my clients to educate them on the relationship between their symptoms, life challenges, energy system and their soul’s intention for this lifetime. Once you begin to see and understand these connections, the healing has already begun!”

“I am a channel for the client’s Spiritual Support, so this conversation is always loving, non-judgmental and enlightening. I record any channeling messages so that the client can revisit what was said, after the session. Often these recordings will contain powerful self-care suggestions and self-healing techniques given from the client’s own Spiritual Support.”

“From there the session will move to a combination of Reflexology, Hypnosis and Massage (if indicated). The Reflexology and Hypnosis are done at the same time. Either of these modalities done individually are awesome, but the combination is really quite transforming. The Hypnosis is always an energy healing combined with a clearing of whatever symptoms the client wants to release and a receiving of whatever improvements they want to absorb. The Hypnosis content is decided by the client during our conversation; however, Spirit often channels some wonderful additions, which is always amazing. I record the Hypnosis as well, for the client to access and use for reinforcement. In this way they can continue their healing at home”.

“Much of my guidance involves assigning ‘homework’.  I will always suggest clients listen to their recorded Hypnosis session and/or one of my professionally recorded sessions (Chakra Hypnosis for Sleep, Release Stress ~ Receive Peace, Quick Clearing Technique & Peaceful, Nurturing, Loving Relationships)  Also, I teach other processes, such as my Two-part Gratitude Statements, affirmations, Sanskrit chanting, or whatever else your Spiritual Support knows will work for you. You will never be graded on this ‘homework’ however! It is just one of the ways I really strive to give all that I can in every session, to help you take charge of your healing! My absolute greatest satisfaction comes from a client who is so fully empowered in their healing journey that they don’t even need me anymore! I am frequently thrilled and amazed by the profound healing which often results from this work.”