A Body-Work session with David is an excellent choice for anyone with a specific “problem area”, for athletes to repair chronic strength imbalances, for individuals working to get back to regular activity after injury or surgery or for anyone in search of improved health, fitness and ease of movement in their body. Body-Work with David is a highly effective repair, maintenance and preventative measure for your body ~ to work better!


A body-Work session with David starts with the client filling out a health form(s) and discussing with David any medical issues, injuries, tension & pain patterns, daily activities and the clients’ goals for their body functioning.

David will analyze your gait and movement to help determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. The session is provided while you are fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing, in which you can move easily (such as workout wear).

David uses techniques appropriate for your body and comfort level. These may include techniques like direct pressure, trigger point work, sliding pressure, stretching, traction, etc.


Body-Work feels similar to deep tissue massage in many ways. It can be relaxing at times. But it is much more of an interactive treatment. David will communicate with you frequently to assess your comfort level with pressure, etc. You will occasionally be asked provide resistance to the stretches. Body-Work can be much deeper than even deep tissue massage because the pressure is more direct and the clothing provides a level of traction for the technique. Additionally when providing Body-Work, David is able to access joint areas, tendons and ligaments (often the underlying cause of an issue) that are not accessible with massage techniques.

The work is very detail orientated and thorough. David’s knowledge of anatomy is superb and he very much enjoys educating clients about what exact muscle, ligament, and tendon he is working on and why. A specific “problem area” session can be completed in an hour. Full body sessions require 90 minutes.



Body Balance is a unique and one-of-a-kind system, used to tone and strengthen imbalanced or injured muscles and joints. The Body Balance system supports, stabilizes and reduces strain around the affected joint, as the individual performs the corrective exercises. The Body Balance exercises help to increase range of motion, flexibility and strength. Core muscle engagement is always utilized as the basis for all corrective exercise, and gives safe, lasting relief to pain and dysfunction

The first step in your Body Balance session involves David applying Body-Work techniques to identify the underlying (and potentially hidden) weakness and imbalance, which are the basis for your pain or dysfunction.

He utilizes techniques like range-of-motion, muscle activation, resisted stretching and bodywork techniques to assess and address these hidden muscle imbalance(s). This prepares you for the Body Balance exercises, which David will then demonstrate and guide you through performing.

The goal of your Body Balance sessions are to relieve your pain or dysfunction by increasing the tone, endurance and strength of your stabilizing core muscles. The core is your center of gravity and the place where all body movement originates.

Once these core muscles are toned, strong and supportive you will find improvement in your overall posture, balance, comfort and function, allowing you the ability to do the movements that you want to do. Whether your goal is taking a walk around the block or participating in a sport or strenuous exercise program,  Body Balance can help you achieve these goals feeling strong, balanced and pain free.

Some great applications for Body balance are:

Pain. Injury. Overuse. Lack of use. Joint issues. Joint Replacement (after completing physical therapy). Post surgery. Weakness or imbalance caused by chronic medical conditions. Prenatal and postnatal. Age related balance and strength issues and much more