Shannon Kelly is a graduate of Spa Tech Institute in Plymouth Massachusetts. During her time at Spa Tech, she found massage therapy to be her passion and soul calling.

Shannon has great respect for the mind, body, spirit connection. In her work she guides each of her clients to their own integrated place within. In the safe and loving environment her work inspires, Shannon’s clients can find a sense of comfort and wellness, which extends beyond the massage and into their daily life.

Shannon’s favorite motto is ‘In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind’.

She says, “I always wish to express loving kindness through touch therapy. I know that everyone from babies to the elderly receive immense benefit through the kind and loving touch of therapeutic massage. This is wellness”

Shannon’s modalities include Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, Pregnancy massage, positional release, CBD Peace~out Massage and energy therapy.

~ Testimonials ~

“My 90-minute massage with Shannon was easily the best 90-minutes of my entire month! She listened carefully as I explained my exercise and activity habits and where I feel stress and discomfort in my body. She explained her ideas for how the massage should be done to best address my problem areas. This conversation put me totally at ease. Then she did the massage just as she stated she would and was quiet throughout my massage, only speaking occasionally to check on my comfort. I loved the stretching also and realized I really needed that part, even though I hadn’t known I did. I felt so good during the massage and after, for many days. I still feel better and it has been over 2 weeks. I cannot wait to go back next month. I’m so happy to have found such a great massage therapist!” ~ Sam T. October 2021

“Shannon is awesome. I feel great and will be back soon!” ~ Carla D. October 2021

“What a great find. I am very happy” ~ Tim P. September 2021

“Had a CBD Peace massage. Incredible” ~ Kim A. November 2021