Jim ~ “I have been involved with helping people most of my adult life, through church and working in management. After I retired from my first career in business, two friends, (who are Massage Therapists), encouraged me to look into the field of massage and bodywork. Initially I had the same opinion that many people do, that massage is a ‘feel good’ experience such as what you would experience on a cruise. I soon discovered that the work has huge therapeutic value, and this is what attracted me to it. I really love this work for the impact it makes in my client’s lives and for the sense of fulfillment it brings me. I place a very high value on continually learning new things and being able to help others with that acquired knowledge.  Clients describe the relief Myofascial Release gives them as “Magical”. It isn’t magic. It’s dedication and passion applied with care.

I am currently studying advanced Orthopedic Massage with the world renowned Dr. Ben Benjamin (founder of Muscular Therapy), continuing to develop my own, unique Myofascial Release techniques and furthering my knowledge in Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute.”


Sharon T. September 2021

“Best and most accurate massage I have ever had. Jim took care to explain everything to me about how this form of massage is different than other types I have had. I was really impressed with the detail of this massage and that it did not feel uncomfortable, even though I was in pain to begin with! I feel so much better now. It has been over a week since the massage and I still feel so much better. I am convinced this form of massage is the most effective I have ever had. And I’ve had a lot! I am very happy”

Lori C. August 2021

“As always, I feel so much better after seeing Jim.”

Dee S. July 2021

“I had a great healing experience, and highly recommend Myofascial Release therapy with Jim. I first saw Jim for extreme neck and shoulder tightness/pain and within a few strategically spaced sessions was pain-free, back to the normal range of motion, and feeling happier overall. This was my first experience with MFR technique, and I can testify that it is amazingly effective. Jim has a holistic approach to massage therapy, a gift of healing and has a wonderful perspective on life. This practice and Jim are hidden gems worth discovering.”

Nina J. November 12, 2020
“I have never had a massage like I had with Jim. It was so interesting to feel how quickly my body reacted to his approach. I feel better than I have in years! Thank you Jim!”
Katy H. November 6, 2020
“I have been a customer of Jim’s for any years. he always makes me feel better”
Tony P. October 20, 2020
Wow! I am so glad I got talked into this massage. Never felt this good in my life”
Stan T. October 2, 2020
“My first massage. Can’t believe I have had pain in my back for so long and all I had to do was this. I’ll be back”
Sandra T. September 25, 2020
“I am so happy I found you, Jim. I feel great!”
Kathleen January 14, 2020
“I tried the MFR with Jim and it was different from a regular deep tissue which I have gotten before. Jim definitely know his stuff!”
Susan G. October 15, 2019
“My shoulder and neck pain are gone. Thank you so much!”
Bill A. Oct. 5, 2019
“Jim is a very intelligent massage therapist with skills. I am a runner and my legs feel excellent now”
Susan T. Sept 14, 2019
“I feel incredible. All my pain is gone. thank you Jim!”
Erin M. Aug 10, 2019
“I absolutely loved this experience getting a holistic treatment by Jim. He seemed to be very knowledgeable, transparent in the amount of experience he has had with various healing modalities. He took the time to explain the physiological side of his practice incorporating myofascial and craniosacral therapy. I highly recommend over deep tissue any day! Thank you and will be back again. If he ever taught classes on this healing, I would sign up!”
Amy S. June 16, 2019
“This was a great place, in the city center but it was quiet and calming. Had a 90 minute Myofascial massage with Jim and let me tell you, it was fantastic! I felt like a million bucks all day and the day after. Can’t wait for my next! I would def recommend”
Cheryl T. July 12, 2019
 “I had my first ever Myofascial Massage and wow! I feel so great! It’s amazing the difference ! Jim is very talented!”
Tim Maynard June 14, 2019
In four sessions, sciatica pain was released….more pain relief than with three months of physical therapy. Jim is amazing”
“The short time of treatment and the major results were nothing short of amazing. To this day I am walking and working with little to no pain and I attribute that to the work done at Natural Body Works by Jim.”