Jim ~ “I have been involved with helping people most of my adult life, through church and working in management. After I retired from my first career in business, two friends, (who are Massage Therapists), encouraged me to look into the field of massage and bodywork. Initially I had the same opinion that many people do, that massage is a ‘feel good’ experience such as what you would experience on a cruise. I soon discovered that the work has huge therapeutic value, and this is what attracted me to it. I really love this work for the impact it makes in my client’s lives and for the sense of fulfillment it brings me. I place a very high value on continually learning new things and being able to help others with that acquired knowledge.  Clients describe the relief Myofascial Release gives them as “Magical”. It isn’t magic. It’s dedication and passion applied with care. I am currently studying advanced Orthopedic Massage with the world renowned Dr. Ben Benjamin (founder of Muscular Therapy)”.