David Bannerman’ education, certifications and licenses.
Certified Personal Trainer: 2008- Present
– Pilates Instructor, 2008- Back and Body Pilates
– Corrective Exercise, 2009- Neurac, Redcord
– Founder, Master Trainer, 2010- BioCored CorrectiveX
– Founder, Master Trainer, 2016- Body Balance Trainer
– Certified Personal Trainer, 2019- National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Bodyworker: 2001- Present
– Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release,
2001- Maui Academy of the Healing Arts
– Massage Therapy Licensure, 2001-2008, Hawaii Board of Massage
– Thai Bodywork, 2002, Michael Gach, Maui, Hawaii
– Chair Bodywork, 2005, David Palmer, Makawoa School of Massage
– Neuromuscular Therapy, 2006, Makawoa School of Massage
– Massage Therapy Licensure, 2008-2016, Massachusetts
David offers an integrated, interactive program developed over his 18 year career as a massage therapy, bodywork and corrective exercise professional. While living in Hawaii, David’s healing story began as a surfing injury in 1992. A fractured vertebrae caused him to seek the muscular relief that only massage therapy could provide for the extensive core muscle injuries that affected every aspect of his life.
After 8 years of being a massage patient, a Massage Therapist friend suggested taking a course in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Bodywork. David had so much experience in his own healing process that becoming a student was a natural progression to becoming a healer. This exciting and life-changing transformation has led David to a strong passion for helping guide others in their own healing processes.
After 7 years as a LMT in Hawaii, David pursued other healing modalities such as Pilates and Corrective Exercise to compliment his Bodywork modalities.
In 2009, David invented a body-weight resistance system to help clients recruit strength and balance that they has lost due to injuries, dysfunction or overuse. This system, Body Balance Trainer, is now in use by professionals in PT/OT, Athletic Training, Olympic Training, Pilates, Personal Training, and even Cirque du Soleil. These trainers all get great results with Body Balance Trainer and their clients enjoy much needed relief from pain, imbalance and dysfunction in their joints and muscles.
Presently in his work, David uses bodywork techniques to assess and address muscle imbalance, pain and symptoms. Bodywork techniques are also used to ready the client for Body Balance (corrective exercise system used to tone and strengthen muscles around the affected joint). Core recruitment is always utilized as the basis for all corrective exercise, and gives safe, lasting relief to pain and dysfunction. David invites you to try a fun, interactive approach that has a proven track record to Improve the Way You Move!
David also provides Body-Work session independent of the Body Balance. For more information on Body-Work with David, see Body-Work on the main menu, under Treatments.

January 7, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I have trained with David Bannerman whenever I was in Duxbury for the past four years.  We use his Body Balance system as well as other weights and devices.  We work on strength training as well as balance and flexibility.

David is a terrific trainer.  He has always been quite thorough and careful not to ask too much of me while encouraging me to try to do more.

I have installed his Body Balance system in my exercise room and use it virtually every day.  I don’t do as much on the days I don’t see David, but I have found the system easy to understand and use by myself.

While I’m sure David and Body Balance would be good for many skill sets, I’ve found it really good for keeping my upper body strong and flexible for golf, much better than working with free weights or weight machines.

David also can give an excellent sports massage, which he does for me at the end of each session.

I enthusiastically recommend him as a trainer and masseur.

— John Stanton


David is a gifted healer, combining a sound structural and mechanical understanding of how the body works with authentic intuition. Over just three sessions he alleviated symptoms I’d been living with for years. He is genuinely interested in helping his clients find lasting changes in their bodies. I highly recommend him!
— Jen B, Norwell February 25, 2019

Client Testimonial- David Bannerman and his work from 2015 – 2019.

In 2015 I injured my back shoveling, trying to keep up with the many snowstorms we had that year.  When I went to lean over and take off my boots and could not stand up I knew I had problem. I reached out to David because he had worked with my son (who also had an very unique back issue) and asked how I could recover from something I had never had and or never experienced “back pain and a new sensitivity to moving freely”

I have used David’s program each week for the last 4+ years to bring my back, then my core, then build my overall endurance and now we are continuing to work on all parts of strengthening and capabilities that at 65 years old would be much harder to continue to do if we were not working on a regular basis.

We started by identifying what had happened to my back, for about 8 sessions using manual therapy and assessments.  I had strained it a way that was going to require specialized exercises – carefully building strengthening as swelling and the injury subsided. The next step was to build up my core which I had never addressed. Importantly – I was an athlete in high school and college and continue to participate in many sports or athletic endeavors to this day. My injury really put all of those interests at risk and started wondering if I could continue to participate in my interests, pain free.

After being introduced to David’s Bodywork Therapy and using his Body Balance exercise equipment, I was able to overcome my back issues and get to a new place which is healthier, stronger, and as I am aging a sense of confidence in different outdoor activities I still like to undertake. David’s knowledge of what happened and ability to prescribe exercises I could do on my own or together has been fantastic.  We keep learning and pushing to be better. David has done a great job for me and would highly recommend his knowledge and services for anyone. You don’t need to be injured to get better – you need to want to grow.

— R. Holden,  Duxbury, MA.