Astrology Therapy is an incredibly valuable tool in our search for ease and understanding of the life we are living.

Our amazing Astrology Therapist, Colleen Marie helps you to navigate life events with a clearer understanding around the what, why and how of our life choices and challenges, career and life path, finances and home, relationships of all types, personality, physical body and more….

What is astrology?

We all know that the energy of the sun and moon have a strong effect upon us. Additionally, each of the planets, stars and constellations of our solar system have their own particular energetic effects, as well. These energies are beaming down upon the earth and all inhabitants, just as the sun and moon are doing. Thus, we are all affected by the quality and expression of these celestial beings, as they move about the cosmos and infuse our reality with their energy.

Each of us also has the energies of all the planets, stars and constellations of our solar system reflected in our personality and life, in our own unique and particular pattern. This pattern is the astrological blueprint we were born with, which is unlike any other human. No two humans have the exact same pattern. The manner in which our astrological blueprint of celestial energies gets reflected in our personality and life is explained through our Natal Chart.

The science of Astrology Therapy is the interpretation of our Natal Chart.

Through Astrology Therapy we will gain a deeper understanding ourselves and our life events, navigate times of challenge with more grace and ease, plan for and enhance times of joy and abundance, circumvent potential difficulties with foresight and live each day more empowered, peaceful, centered, grateful, grounded and blessed.

Astrology Therapy Services 

Once you have chosen your reading type, please click on the Paypal link to pay for the service.  Then come back to this page and scroll down to complete the intake form.

New Clients must chose a Natal Chart Reading before moving onto additional reading types.

90 Minute Natal Chart Reading 

This reading type is great for everyone and an especially invaluable resource for any person new to Astrology Therapy.

This reading provides an overview of the main influences of your personality and life, with 15 minutes dedicated to analysis of the details of what you are living with right now (called transits).

You may send 3 questions/areas of concern, which you would like Colleen to try to focus in on.

Natal Chart Reading – $225.00

Add-on Readings for a Deeper Understanding

These readings are perfect as an add-on to the Natal Chart Reading and as a follow-up for returning clients.

Once you’ve had your Natal Chart Reading, dive deeper into your chart and particular questions with a 30-minute  Deeper Understanding Add-on Reading, described below.

You can purchase your Natal Chart Reading and Deeper Understanding Readings Add-on Readings, in addition to your Natal Chart Reading, or after you have explored the Natal Chart. Your choice.

Solar Return Reading. Also known as your Birthday Chart reading. This reading will give you specific insight into your year ahead – $75.00

Positive Astrology. Focusing on the more “positive” indicators in their chart, explore how you can more easily align with your highest and best self. – $75.00

Astrology of Love. Find out more about compatibility with a partner, gaining insight into potential challenges and strengths of your union (requires partner’s birth date, location & time) – $75.00


Not sure? Once your Natal Chart Reading has been done, Colleen will know exactly which will be the most illuminating Deeper Understanding Reading for you. And, as always, you can call us at 781-585-5130 and we can make the perfect suggestion for you.

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