The Two Great Unknowns

These are two of the most effective Massage Therapy Treatments ever introduced, yet very few therapists practice them. Clients call them “amazing” and “magical”, because of the relief in pain and restriction that they experience.

Jim says: “My introduction to MFR was in a classroom where, to my amazement, my chronically restricted left shoulder was permanently released. I refer to MFR as the “Painless Deep Tissue Treatment”.

The method consists of a gentle, sustained application of hands-on pressure into the fascia restrictions. This stretches the tissue into regaining its original range of motion

Cranial Sacral Therapy addresses issues affecting the head, neck, spine and sacrum. Great for releasing range of motion neck restrictions, headaches (99% resolution rate), TMJ, tension and overall stress.
Combining these therapies produces long term consistent results for shoulder/back pain, hip issues, Fibromyalgia, sports injuries, work related stress/tension, runner issues, and more (It’s a long list!)
Great relief for those who “hunch” a lot causing that pain in the back of the head and neck that radiates down the neck into the shoulders and gets worse as the day goes along. Many people experience this pain pattern which is caused by computer work, driving, texting, golfing, hunching.


“I just had my first MFR-CST treatment with Jim. … lower back pain, neck and shoulders wound up like rubber bands…impossible to get a nights rest. After the treatment, everything felt amazing! Finally able to sleep! Tension totally gone. I truly cannot believe what this therapy did for me.”

Very truly, Christina 6/2017