Polarity therapy is energy work that uses hands on techniques to balance the body’s physical structure, thought processes and energy field with the intention that within this balance comes overall wellbeing. The work is done on the physical body through the nervous system. However, because there really is no separation between the body, mind, emotions and spirit, Polarity affects the individual on every level.

At the beginning of your session there will be brief discussion with your therapist to go over any challenges you have been experiencing, your goals for that particular session and your overall goals in your healing journey.

During a Polarity session you will lay on a massage table fully clothed. You will experience spoken, positive affirmations from your therapist. Along the five energy pathways and (acu)pressure points in your body, your therapist will place crystals, apply light touch, rocking and massage techniques. These techniques are used to systematically open the subtle energy channels throughout your body. As your body relaxes, your nervous system gets a chance to reset and receive inner wisdom. The mission of polarity is to support your holistic health care. Polarity Therapy is incredibly relaxing and healing on so many levels. It is wonderful on its own and combines beautifully with a full body massage as well.

Benefits of combining Polarity and Massage:

A combination of polarity and massage will give the body the opportunity to experience healing both within and without. Massage will help to relieve the physical symptoms of stress, muscle tension, injury and pain. Polarity will address the emotional and spiritual body for an all-over healing effect. Massage will be applied for a portion of the session to focus on the physical symptoms you are dealing with. The rest of the session will be focused on your emotional and/or spiritual healing. How much of each therapy will be used and how they will be combined will be geared to your individual needs.

A common example of how this combination may be used:

An individual who comes in with upper back and shoulder pain. Massage will take care of the physical symptoms of stress, tension, adhesions, tightness and pain in the muscles. Polarity will be used to release/remove the challenging emotions and negative expectations (“The weight of the world on your shoulders”) which are held in the shoulders. Polarity will help to keep the issue at bay for a longer period of time then massage alone may do.

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1 hour $80.00