Body Balance

Body Balance is a unique and one-of-a-kind system, used to tone and strengthen imbalanced or injured muscles and joints. The Body Balance system supports, stabilizes and reduces strain around the affected joint, as the individual performs the corrective exercises. The Body Balance exercises help to increase range of motion, flexibility and strength. Core muscle engagement is always utilized as the basis for all corrective exercise, and gives safe, lasting relief to pain and dysfunction

The first step in your Body Balance session involves David identifying the underlying (and potentially hidden) weakness and imbalance, which are the basis for your pain or dysfunction.

He utilizes techniques like range-of-motion, muscle activation, resisted stretching and bodywork techniques to assess and address these hidden muscle imbalance(s). This prepares you for the Body Balance exercises, which David will then demonstrate and guide you through performing.

The goal of your Body Balance sessions are to relieve your pain or dysfunction by increasing the tone, endurance and strength of your stabilizing core muscles. The core is your center of gravity and the place where all body movement originates.

Once these core muscles are toned, strong and supportive you will find improvement in your overall posture, balance, comfort and function, allowing you the ability to do the movements that you want to do. Whether your goal is taking a walk around the block or participating in a sport or strenuous exercise program,  Body Balance can help you achieve these goals feeling strong, balanced and pain free.

Some great applications for Body balance are:

Pain. Injury. Overuse. Lack of use. Joint issues. Joint Replacement (after completing physical therapy). Post surgery. Weakness or imbalance caused by chronic medical conditions. Prenatal and postnatal. Age related balance and strength issues and much more